My Commitment to the 71st


The preamble to the Illinois State Constitution explicitly states that one of its functions is to "provide opportunity for the fullest development of the individual." My role, if elected, is to do just that for the people of the 71st district. 

Growing the 71st


How we get there


In order to achieve this goal, we must grow the district--providing opportunity for citizens from all walks of life. I aim to help the people of our communities by enabling them to seek out higher education, critical job skills, and fulfilling employment opportunities right here at home.



Education is the economic driver of any community. Without a solid foundation in academics, from pre-K to trade schools and other institutions of higher learning, there can be no economic growth. Once elected, I intend to work tirelessly to make the schools of the 71st, from Pre-K to our institutions of higher learning, the best they can possibly be. One of the ways I intend to do this is by securing funding through the state's Evidence-Based Model. Everything one should understand about this funding model is apparent within its name. The real cost of educating a student is calculated based on strategies that have been proven in a research setting to boost performance. When considered in conjunction with my plans to invest in programs that best prepare an individual to either enter the workforce or seek out education at a university, it's easy to see how my approach to education would give the students of the 71st district as many academic advantages as possible.

I will work to invest in and expand educational programs that will benefit our children. I will also be working with Governor Pritzker to increase state funding for Higher Ed from 14% to 33%, which will not only stabilize tuition costs, as well as offer substantial relief of the tax burden on homeowners and their families.

From Head Start to our high schools', AP courses designed to provide seniors with dual credits, from The Academy program at Sauk Valley Community College to trade skill training centers we have in our district, all deserve the funding necessary to help our community's students achieve their goals. The Evidence Based Model for educational funding, along with the aforementioned plans I have for our district, will help achieve just that.

Economic & Community Development


If education is the economic driver of a community, small businesses and other employers are the engine. Small business owners are people with highly-specialized ideas and skills, and their children are our district's students. When they are provided a fair chance at success,  they strengthen and grow the 71st's economic prosperity.

I plan to further ensure small businesses' success by helping pass legislation that will make it easier for owners to secure small business loans, grants, and tax credits. This goal can be achieved by investing in our Small Business Development Centers throughout our region, such as those offered by SVCC and Western Illinois University, providing  great connections between aspiring entrepreneurs and mentors who can direct them to the resources necessary to establish and grow their business. Furthermore, I plan to work with philanthropic organizations, banks, and public and private investors to provide entrepreneurs with needed baseline funding and capital.

Stabilize Property Taxes

Addressing our tax structure will be a top priority to get relief for homeowners. For too long State responsibility has been passed on to our local municipalities, forcing them to pass the shortfall on to home owners through increased  property taxes. My experience in nonprofit  management positions me to look at and manage budgeting in real and transparent ways.